©Josh Boyajian

2000 Pierce Lance All Steer Command Sedan

Delivered: 8/16/2000

Status: Spare

Apparatus Assignments

Squad 7 (11-12/2000 - 2/14/2017)
Squad 7S (2/14/2017 - present)

Additional spare assignments for this apparatus may appear on the Company History page

Apparatus Notes

Also known as G-521 (number later reused); completely rebuilt in 2015 by Fire Service Inc. and back in service late September; still on roster as of 9/6/2023

Additional Images

Squad 7 (Josh Boyajian)

Squad 7 (Gordon J. Nord)

Squad 7 post-refurb (Josh Boyajian)

Squad 7 post-refurb (Gordon J. Nord)

Squad 7S (Steve Redick)