©Dennis McGuire, Jr.

2014 Ford E-450/Wheeled Coach


Ambulance 13 (3/13/2014 - 5/2017?)

Spare ambulance (5/2017? - present)

Ambulance 125 (as of 8/16/2019 - present)

Vehicle Notes

Delivered 3/11/2014; has “Ambulance Co.” markings and redesigned paint scheme; has following differences from subsequent purchases: lettering on ambulance box smaller, EMS symbol smaller, different vent location, different rear side marker light location; first seen 3/11/2014 at manufacturer; first Type III ambulance since C-995 (2002); gasoline engine; first seen in service 4/7/2014; first seen as spare 12/21/2017; still in service 5/7/2022