D 377

©Bill Friedrich

1970 Ward LaFrance Ambassador P80

Delivery Date



Engine Co. 113 (12/9/1970 - 7/16/1981)

Spare engine (7/16/1981 - 1987)

Engine 91 spare (6/1/1985 - 9/11/1985)

Engine Co. 14 (5/29/1990 - 11/8/1993)


Junked 8/29/1996 by Erickson's Trucks & Parts

Vehicle Notes

Aurora Borealis replaced with twin beacons at some point; retained Engine 113 markings while at Engine 91 (91 lettered in tape on grill); stored on CTA property as of June 1983; rebuilt by Able Fire Equipment in 1987 (records show this gone from 1987 - 1990); w/ Ranger 4-door cab, E-One body, 140-gal foam tank and equipped with 5” LDH (4” standard at time); while a spare, primarily used at T61, O’Hare, E34, E19, E109, E72; Engine 14 end date may have been 8/14/1993, as 11/8/1993 was the junk date recorded by shops due to bell housing failure. Records indicate several attempts to mitigate at shops but welds kept breaking and no parts were available due to age