D 378

©Steve Redick

1970 Ward LaFrance Ambassador P80

Delivery Date



Engine Co. 49 (1/22/1971 - 5/14/1981)

Spare engine (6/2/1981 - 1989)

Engine 91 spare (9/20/1985 - 10/25/1985)

Engine Co. 34 (5/18/1990 - 1/29/1998)


Junked 2/5/1999 by Hansen Bros. and eventually sold to private party who restored it to look like Engine 17 from Backdraft. East Norwegian Twp. PA fire department picked it up at unknown date. D-378 returned to a collector in Chicago in February 2013 to be used for parts to restore D-374

Vehicle Notes

Engine 49 end date may have been 6/2/1981; rebuilt by Able Fire Equipment in 1989 & 1990 w/ Ranger 4-door cab, E-One body, 140-gal foam tank and equipped with 5” LDH (4” standard at time); a bell housing failure also did this rig in; one source lists end date for Engine 34 as 8/11/1998, which may be the spare or junk date