D 530

©Gordon J. Nord

1992 Spartan Diamond/Luverne Commander

Delivery Date



Engine Co. 75 (1/22/1993 - 2/5/1993)

Engine Co. 75 (8/7/1993 - 3/9/2006)

Spare engine (3/9/2006 - 2022)


Vehicle Notes

Blitz Body repaired apparatus after it struck a fire hydrant after only being in service for a few weeks (though another source shows this accident earlier, on 1/24/1993); used as Engine 51 for “Chicago Fire” TV show for seasons 1 & 2; used in 2015 ad for Clear Choice Dental Implants; acquired the name "Bertha;" still in service 10/8/2020 with lots of rust around the rear wheels and a pump that leaks; in auction yard as of 7/29/2022