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1974 Hendrickson/Pierce/Morita Lift 135’ rear mount aerial

Truck Co. 2 (1/15/1975 - 1/15/1975)

Truck Co. 1 (1/15/1975 - 2/6/1977)

Truck Co. 1 (6/23/1977 - 9/4/1985)

Truck Co. 1 (1986 - at least 4/14/1987)

Delivered in late 1974; had elevator alongside aerial; firefighters rode back step “belted in”; second unit was planned for 1976 delivery but canceled due to issues with this apparatus; originally marked for Truck 2, but didn’t fit in quarters; damaged in accident 2/6/1977 after hitting an "L" pier on S. Wabash; spent several weeks parked outside fire building with aerial ladder up until representative from Japan could come and fix it; removed from service in 1987 per order from Director of Fire Safety due to noncompliance with NFPA regulation #1019; stored in a CTA garage from 1987 - 11/1992; engine removed to repower D-407; junked in 1993