©Steve Redick

1958 GMC Model 50/Pitman Giraffe 50’ Snorkel


Water Tower 4 (6-2-4) (10/14/1958 - 5/1/1959)

Snorkel 1 (6-6-1) (5/1/1959 - 5/16/1965)

Snorkel Squad 3 (5-5-3) (5/16/1965 - 1/27/1967)

Vehicle Notes

First snorkel, ever. Converted Park District vehicle that entered service in their green & yellow colors and ownership not transferred to CFD until 11/26/1958; returned to factory and had permanent piping installed on boom and a larger bucket added during early 1959 to officially make it a "Snorkel" instead of "Giraffe"; metal canopy over cab removed by May 1966, and emergency lights relocated to cab roof with siren & bell on front bumper; removed from service after getting stuck in snowdrift during Great Chicago Blizzard of 1967