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1941 Dodge WD20/?


Civil Defense Ambulance? (1943 - 1947)

Tire Service (3/3/1947 - 7/17/1951)

Tire Service (1951 - 9/3/1958)

Vehicle Notes

Delivered 1/12/1943; 1-ton; this was donated by Marshall Field for the war effort; unknown if this was ever assigned to an ambulance, but was given to the CFD for this reason; if it was, it was likely known as Civil Defense Unit #4 and may have been blue over white; converted to shop vehicle in 1947; damaged in accident 7/17/1951; junked 9/3/1958 at House of Correction; it's also worth noting that at least one other source lists G-68 as a 1942 Packard Special/Henney, assigned to Ambulance 7 starting in 1943. As Ambulance 7 was not organized until 9/18/1947 and no original shop change record could be found, I believe this is an erroneous entry.