Unidentified Shop Numbers

The hunt continues.

ID Shop # Year Make/Model Original Assignment Second Assignment Notes Image Links
1 A-418? 1996 Chevrolet Caprice 2-1-5? 2-1-5? (Smith Bros.)
2 AVF- 2004 Oshkosh Striker 3000 6-5-1R 6-5-1R (Gordon J. Nord)
3 ? Segway SE-3 Patroller Segway 2 Segway 2 (Chicago Emergency Vehicles)
4 B- 2016 Ford Explorer M206602 Buggy (Tim Olk)
5 B- 2016 Ford Explorer M206605 Buggy (Tim Olk) Buggy (Steve Redick)
6 B- 2016 Ford Explorer M151680 Buggy (Tim Olk)
7 B- 2016 Ford Explorer M206503 Buggy (Tim Olk)
8 B- 2016 Ford Explorer M216933, M194464 Buggy (Tim Olk)
9 B- 2016 Ford Explorer M206603 Buggy (Drew Gresik) Buggy (Chicagoland Fire Photos)
10 B- 2016 Ford Explorer M206604 Buggy (Tim Olk)
11 B- 2016 Ford Explorer M206510 Buggy (Josh Boyajian) Buggy (Tim Olk)
12 B- 2016 Ford Explorer M151571 Buggy (Tim Olk)
13 B- 2016 Ford Explorer M206601; assigned to one of the homeland security coordinators as of July 2022 Buggy (Tim Olk) Buggy (Chicagoland Fire Photos)
14 B- 2016 Ford Explorer M206506 & M206104 Multiple black cars (Tim Olk) Buggy (Tim Olk)
15 C-762? 1987 Ford Econoline 350/Wheeled Coach Breathing Apparatus Service (Smith Bros.)
16 C- 1995? Ford E-350/McCoy-Miller 4-6-13 4-6-13 (Bill Friedrich)
17 D-329? 1967 Ford C-850/Ward LaFrance Reserve engine Reserve engine (used by E45)
18 D- 1968 International 1300/General Fire Guard/Fire Boss Dry Chemical D-342 or D-343? Dry Chemical (Bill Friedrich)
19 E- 1919? Mack AC Truck
20 E- 1919? Mack AC Truck
21 E-107? 1946 Pirsch E-107 or E-108 Truck
22 E- 1954 Pirsch Truck (Mike Zarrella collection)
23 E- 1959 Mack/Magirus OOS Mack (Bill Friedrich)
24 E- 1960 Mack B Spare truck E-154 or E-155 Spare truck (shown at Truck 17) Spare truck (Bill Friedrich)
25 E-156? 1956-1960 International V-196 Civil Defense Unit 3 CD3 (Bill Friedrich) CD3 (Bill Friedrich) CD3 (Bill Friedrich)
26 G- 1956 International VCO-196 Spare high pressure Spare high pressure
27 G- 1958 Pontiac Bonneville/Superior Criterion? Civil Defense Ambulance This may be one of the missing G- numbers: G-150, G-161, or G-162 Civil Defense Ambulance
28 G- 1959 Dodge Coronet Memphian Civil Defense Ambulance May have been G-150, G-161 or G-162. No records located for these numbers, but if this was delivered in 1959 as presumed any of these entries would have been possible Civil Defense Ambulance
29 G- ? M61 6x6 Civil Defense Tanker No. 1 Might be G-156 or G-248 before conversion to turret wagon Civil Defense Tanker No. 1
30 G- ? ? Boat G-186? Boat (Bill Friedrich)
31 G-219? 1951 or 1952 GMC 454 Civil Defense G-219 or G-220 Civil Defense
32 G- 1970 Ford Econoline 300/Superior G-300 or G-301 G-300 or G-301 (Don Feiple)
33 G- 19?? ? Civil Defense High Pressure Booster 1 Civil Defense High Pressure Booster 1
34 G- 1950s Fageol/Twin Coach Civil Defense CD had several buses Civil Defense Civil Defense
35 G- 1950s Fageol/Twin Coach Civil Defense Civil Defense
36 G- 4-8-1 4-8-1 4-8-1 4-8-1
37 G- Civil Defense Jetboat Truck Civil Defense Jetboat Truck
38 G- M45 6x6? Civil Defense Smoke Ejector Several of these M45s in service in the mid 1970s Civil Defense Smoke Ejector
39 G- M45 6x6? Civil Defense Several of these M45s in service in the mid 1970s Civil Defense
40 G- M45 6x6? 4-8-5 Several of these M45s in service in the mid 1970s 4-8-5 4-8-4 body being mounted on 4-8-5 4-8-5
41 G- Civil Defense SkyHook Civil Defense SkyHook
42 G- M45 6x6? 4-8-3 Several of these M45s in service in the mid 1970s 4-8-3
43 G- 1955? International R-1704 Civil Defense Maintenance Unit Civil Defense Maintenance Unit
44 G- Civil Defense Crane Civil Defense Crane
45 S-164? 2013 Fire Blast Trailer Forcible Entry Training S-164 or S-165 Forcible Entry Trailer (Hank Sajovic) Forcible Entry Trailer (Hank Sajovic)
46 ? 1973? GMC step van 5-11 Club Special Service Unit Likely no shop number assigned 5-11 Club (Karl Klotz) 5-11 Club (Gordon J. Nord)
47 None ? Taylor-Dunn electric cart "4-1-7" Used by mechanics at Throop St., this was not a CFD owned vehicle and apparently created for someone's retirement 4-1-7 (Bill Friedrich)

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